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Some of women may experience hair loss during pregnancy due to hormonal changes that start with pregnancy. This situation stops after birth. It continues in some women though. In general, new hair grows instead of hair shed during pregnancy.

But some women don’t. It’s all about hormone balance. Make sure  what you eat is organic and healthy food. It is also recommended that you keep your immune system strong at all times.

When does hair loss during pregnancy begin?

Hair loss during pregnancy starts between the 1st and 2nd months on average. Some women do not shed at all. Hormone balance is the decisive criterion.

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 Will there be hair loss during pregnancy?

At first, this is a natural process that you should know . It is not abnormal for a woman to lose her hair while pregnant. It doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy. Hormone fluctuations can cause hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss during pregnancy

It is not recommended to take medication or other treatment while pregnant. Mandatory situations do not fall into this. So try to protect yourself naturally while pregnant. In short, stay away from stress. Also, avoid chemical ingredients. Do not beat the hair. Be gentle when drying. Turn to vitamins and herbal products that will keep the body immunity strong.

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Hair growth during pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause hormone imbalance. This causes the hair to grow faster than normal. It can even reduce hair loss in some women. Hair is not cut as you know while pregnant. Nails can be cut. Nails can grow faster than normal. Don’t be surprised. You should know that hair loss can be replaced by hair transplantation in the abdomen.

Loss of eyebrows during pregnancy

The reason why some women have hair shed during pregnancy, eyebrows fall for the same reason. Hormone imbalance, stress is the primary cause. Thyroid diseases can also cause this. You should wait for the pregnancy to end. Remember, everything will go back to normal with your postpartum recovery. In addition, how many cultivations are done today. Hair transplant centers perform these operations.

Causes of hair loss during pregnancy

Hair loss may occur with estrogen hormone changes during pregnancy. Vitamin deficiency also causes hair loss. In addition, quitting previously used birth control pills can also trigger hair loss. Unhealthy diet while pregnant, iron, protein, mineral and vitamin deficiencies can lead to hair loss. It can also be a factor in blood pressure patients and the drugs they use.

Hair loss can be seen in women with thyroid problems. Diseases in the scalp can also cause hair loss. In addition, if there is someone in your family who has hair loss during pregnancy, there is a possibility that you will also have it.


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