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The word cloning means making a copy of something that exists. In fact, it is not an application that has been used a lot in recent years but has started to be used concretely.

Various applications were applied to the hair follicles. In this way, hair follicles revived and increased. The basis of this work is to copy these experimentally taken hair follicles in a laboratory environment.

Hair Transplant and Hair Cloning with Stem Cell - Zty Health Istanbul

Is Hair Cloning Performed?

As we approach the last months of 2020, hair cloning is not yet an applied method. We know that some companies are working on this issue. Hair transplant methods have also improved a lot today. Hair can be restored with various methods. Where is hair cloning done

Hair replication with stem cells

Stem cell therapy is used in many areas. There is also stem cell therapy in the field of hair transplantation. But stem cell therapy is not a side application of hair transplantation. It can be performed on people with thin hair. After hair transplantation, it is usually applied as an additional application if needed.

Stem cell hair transplant

The reason for using the stem cell method in hair transplantation is to ensure stronger hair growth after hair transplantation. It speeds up healing after hair transplantation. It is the patient’s own tissue. So it has no side effects. Substances useful for the skin are decomposed. Only tissue that is beneficial to you remains. It is simply injected with a syringe. It is different from the classical PRP method. They are different applications in terms of results and duration.

Is Turkey in hair cloning done?

As of the last months of 2021, Turkey has not made hair cloning. But we will keep you informed as we progress. where is hair cloning done

Hair cloning prices

Hair cloning is not a technology invented today. So there is no information about prices yet. Cost may be high. If it is expensive compared to Fue hair transplantation, I do not think it will be preferred. Comparisons will be made when practical application begins.

Thickening existing hair

Everyone thinks that their hair will not fall out again when a hair transplant is done. This is a wrong opinion. Hair transplantation does not stop hair loss. There are untouched hair follicles on the scalp. These may shed or become thin over time. This needs to be treated. Here, some stem cell treatments can be done to keep the hair follicles alive and strong.

Hair growth products

There is no way to permanently get rid of baldness, except for hair transplantation. Temporary topics or sprays can make your hair look thick and thick. But it is not like the fue or fut hair transplantation method.


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