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When it comes to hair loss, everyone thinks of men and baldness.

But there is a fact that women may lose their hair. Sometimes it’s pretty intense and sometimes the mild hair loss can be seen in women.

Is Hair Loss Common in Women?

Hair loss is seen in every woman, even if a little. This is sometimes noticeable and sometimes not. Light hair loss is common. Women lose a certain amount of hair during the day. Of course, new ones come instead. They may go bald after a while if it doesn’t come anyway.

Hair loss is observed in women as well as in men due to some hormonal and genetic factors.

The Reasons for Hair Loss in Women Zty Hair Transplant turkey

Telogen Effluvium

It is the name given to hair loss after an emotional or psychological stressful process. A lot of  women can have telogen effluvium after birth. The severity of hair loss may also increase. In some women, this process lasts temporarily after the birth. After a while, the hair loss stops. Hair loss may take longer for some women. Or it can be even permanent.

Anagen Effluvium

It is a problem related to hair follicles. It prevents hair growth. In general, this type of hair loss may occur as a result of chemotherapy. Medical treatment may be required.

Androgenic Alopecia

It is entirely baldness. It is generally seen in men, but there is a small amount of occurrence in women. It rarely causes complete baldness. The Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss due to medicines or treatments may be temporary. In this case, treatment is expected to end. But in some women, hair thinness may be permanent. In this case, hair transplant operation is a form of treatment.

How to do hair transplantation in women?

Hair transplantation is done in women as in men. After the hair follicles taken from the hairy area with the FUE method are separated according to their directions, they are transferred to the sparse area. This procedure is called hair transplant in women.

When hair transplant is performed in women, it is not desired to scrape the hair completely. Hair transplant can be done in your normal hair. You may need to rest at home for a while after transplantation. At the same time, the transplants may look bad because they will have slight bleeding. If an average week is spent at home, the hair will be tightened at the end of this period.

Hair loss due to stress and hormone imbalance can be observed in women. Do not be afraid. Just like in men, your hair can be tightened with hair transplant operations.


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