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In general, we all have trustworthy favorites, and it should be no unique to choose a clinic for a hair transplant.

You may have a favorite food store, an outlet shop that you go straight to, or expect skilled workers to do a great job. But what would you check for if you have never wish to learn how to pick a successful hair transplant clinic? Let’s see what are the factors you should consider before selecting a clinic for hair transplant.

Which hair transplant clinic do I choose - Zty Hair Transplant Turkey

Care Quality Commission

Among the most reliable methods of locating a successful hair transplant clinic is the Care Quality Commission.

You can check for clinic details and registration numbers by heading to the CQC webpage, making sure the hair transplant clinic you’re interested in is supervised.

Only ensure the operating name meets the registration amount. Still, under a different title, some uncontrolled brokers can rent a room on controlled grounds, which does not offer you a specific service standard.

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Understand who your surgeon is

Are the surgeon’s (Hair Graft Surgeon) details mentioned on the clinic site you have entered that will do the surgery?

Please ensure that your surgeon is qualified from the clinical training he appears to have on his CV. Stay well away from such clinics when there are no details about the physicians on the site.  You get the opportunity to know who will manage the payment that will impact you for the rest of its life.

In which levels the surgeon will be participating in the treatment, you can also figure out and conduct the treatment entirely or how many clients he sees in a day.

Verify a free consultation is offered

Many people experiencing hair loss are eager to assume that it would be too quick to find out that they need a hair transplant.

You are finding a hair transplant clinic that provides free counseling sessions before your care is indeed essential. You’ll be smart enough to figure out what causes your baldness and the best care plan for you.

Understanding if the clinic provides the care you need

There is no particular cure for hair loss; it comes in different types. You have to inquire if the clinic provides the counseling you need before considering a hair transplant service. For instance, if your hair has just begun to recede, you might well need a hair loss drug or a Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) instead.


Finding out more about the doctor and their background is among the most valuable aspects to do, as they will conduct the hair transplant. If the clinic has a five-star rating, this doesn’t mean it’s the doctor doing the operation. The more they have practice, the good they will be. I mean, it’s easier to select a doctor who has done the procedure on multiple individuals as it makes your fears rest. You would like to recognize how many individuals the surgeon performed a hair transplant on and whether they do it every day. Choosing a doctor specializing exclusively in hair transplant surgery will be best since they would undoubtedly have higher efficacy.


They are looking at the clinic’s prestige and how they do it to give the best results. If a hair transplant center is confident of its role, then it is a plus point. They’ll then be excited to share it off.

We’d recommend looking at the Trust Pilot and Google feedback.

To check before and after photos by searching at the Dr’s website. For this, Instagram is possibly the right choice, and you’ll be able to see the findings for sure.

And we know that on the marketplace, several hair loss clinics are inviting. With such choice to select now a day as it’s become a desirable treatment that may make your choice a little more complicated.

We will suggest that you do all the study needed at the Hair Dr to ensure that the clinic provides a high standard transplant as well as excellent treatment; that’s what you’d think.

Good communication

Of course, if you want a clinic like foreign countries, you have to ensure that all the services are provided to you, so the agreement on both sides is complete. It is essential to have a consultant who allows for a proper conversation between the client and the experts and who helps all issues to be addressed.


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