Mustache Transplant in Turkey

Mustache transplantation is the transplantation of hair follicles in the areas of the upper lip with insufficient hair. In mustache transplantation, the hair follicles obtained from the body are implanted in the areas above upper lip.

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Mustache Transplant Cost

The cost of mustache transplantation in Turkey is 1500 euros. Accommodation and transfer are included. Additionally, the necessary post-operative care products are included. The prices are valid for the year 2024. You can get information from our WhatsApp lines for details.

Why Mustache Transplantation?

There are several factors which play a role in the decision for a beard transplantation. These factors include an accident, mustache loss, baldness, “pelade” disorder, permanent or partial mustache loss due to burns and uneven growth at each side.

Mustache Transplant in Turkey

How Is it Performed?

The procedure is performed by using the regular FUE method. Firstly, as many follicles as required are obtained from the nape (hair follicles in the arm or leg can also be used if suitable) and transplanted in the recipient area above the upper lip.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and completed within 2-3 hours. Patient does not feel any pain. The procedure leaves no suture marks. The hair follicles are implanted in the grooves opened up on the skin by micro-surgical methods, thus providing a fuller appearance in the area with patchy hairs.

The important point here is that the follicles are planted appropriately in the same direction of the existing hairs. This is directly correlated with the experience and skills of the physician.

After the procedure, it may be necessary to perform 2-3 sessions to complete the process. These sessions are performed with  8-9 months intervals.

Mustache Transplant in istanbul

What Are the Posoperative Instructions?

Firstly, it should be noted that that the healing process takes at least 10 days. This means that scabs may form in the process after the operation and small blood clots may occur in the hair follicles.

The patient is discharged with a special bandage on. These bandages stay for 3 days and should be completely kept dry.  After 3 days, the bandage is taken out and cleaned by the doctor at the scheduled follow-up.

In 15 days following the transplantation process, the implanted mustaches can be gently cut by a small scissors. Facial hair should not be shaved with a razor.

During the two-to-three-week period after transplantation, patients may experience “shock hair loss”, which is common in such kind of operations. Patients should be aware that it is nothing to be worried about, and the shed hair will grow back from the same follicles. After the 6th postoperative month, the final results will be visible and the mustache will return to the normal course.

How Much Does Mustache Transplantation Cost?

Mustache transplantation prices vary according to the operational criterias. Different physicans will charge different prices as the number of hair follicles needed by each person is different.  For this reason, the price for this procedure can be clarified after the examination by the specialist physician.


How risky is beard transplant?

Beard transplants have some risks:

  • Infection: Keep clean to lower risk.
  • Scarring: Can happen where hairs are taken or placed.
  • Uneven Growth: Hairs may not grow evenly.
  • Follicle Damage: Can affect new hair growth.
  • Anesthesia Reaction: Some may react to anesthesia.
  • Redness/Swelling: Common, but goes away soon.
  • Cost: It’s expensive and success isn’t guaranteed.
  • Long-term Care: Takes months to see full results.
  • Talk to a good surgeon to understand the risks better.

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