Hair Transplant Price in Turkey

The price of hair transplant in Turkey is 1800 euro. This price includes accommodation, interpreter, airport pick-up, local transfer. This price is valid for 2022. No hidden costs. Payment is collected in cash. For multiple sessions, the price will be lower. Zty Health does its best to give you the cheapest hair transplant price.

What do I have to consider in the case of remarkably cheap offers?

The experience and diligence of the operations team are essential for a good result. If a clinic lures with very low prices per graft, caution is advised. Savings may be made here by using inexperienced staff (who could then damage an above-average number of grafts). Or the clinic transplants in chords, which means that advice, preparation and aftercare could suffer. During the consultation, ask how the price is made up and whether there are any hidden costs. Only agree to the operation if all doubts have been dispelled and you have a consistently good feeling towards the operator.

Hair Transplantation Price İstanbul

1800All inclusive
  • Max Grafts Single Session
  • 4 Nights Hotel
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Medication, Shampoo, Lotion
  • A Class Hospital
  • Assistant Interpreter

DHI Hair Transplant Cost

2000All inclusive
  • Max Greft
  • Shampoo, Lotion
  • Hair band
  • Assistant Interpreter
  • A Class Hospital
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Local VIP Transfer
  • 3 Nights Hotel

Why hair transplantation is cheap in Turkey ?

The price of hair transplantation in Turkey is much more affordable than Europe.There are many reasons related to this situation.Here is some the answers below

  • The gap between turkish lira and euro,dollar
  • Turkey has a leading position in hair transplantation and plastic surgery
  • The hair transplantation and plastic surgery companies keep the prices love to avoid losing market share
  • Goverment subsidies
  • Not using cost calculation method per graft

Does the price of hair transplantation vary from person to person ?

On average, 4000 grafts are transplanted for a man. This figure is rarely exceeded. But the price for 400 graft hair follicles is fixed.

If more is needed, personal price will be determined. The areas we need to see here are the nape area, the chest and beard area. If there is a donor to collect hair follicles, more hair transplantation can be done. Hair Transplant Price in Turkey

How much does a graft cost?

The fees for medical services are set out in the fee schedule for doctors. This catalog was created primarily for medically necessary treatments, so hair transplantation is not included there. Because the transplant is comparable to an injection in terms of effort and difficulty, the same price is usually applied. 1 euros per implantation, i.e. per graft. If you take into account the costs for preparation, advice and processing of the transplant, the price is 0,5 to 1 euros per graft.

What is included in the hair transplant package ?

  •  4000 – 500 hair transplants
  • 4 nights accommodation (at Citiyloft Hotel)
  • Pick-up from the airport by vip vehicle
  • Transfers between hotel and hospital in Istanbul
  • Necessary blood tests before hair transplantation
  • Drugs used after surgery
  • Hair band after hair transplantation
  • Shampoo lotion supply after hair transplantation

Written on 07/02/2020 – Last Update: 04/11/2022