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ZTY Health International Patient Organization

TThe secret to our success is always hidden in our efforts to be a dedicated, disciplined and professional team.

 ‘’As a result, our team is able to understand you and your desires very well and ensure customer satisfaction with the help of accurate planning, accurate timing and accurate operation. ” Hair Transplant Turkey “


zty hair transplant turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

Zty Health Tourism welcomes patients from all around the world in the best way and provide them high quality services according to their needs. We provide wide range of services with hotel accommodation and transfer included. A personal assistant is assigned to assist our patients throughout the process.

The services we provide are listed below.


Before and After Hair Transplantation

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Operation Videos

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Is it safe to get your hair transplant in Turkey?

Every year, thousands of people go to plastic surgeons to become beautiful. In the past, women were the leaders in this business. However, in recent years, with hair transplantation, men have also taken the front row. Thousands of people want to look more beautiful by getting hair transplanted every year.

Is hair transplant a fundamental human needs?

In fact, it is not a sine qua non basic need. But if it affects your psychology and causes you to be sad all the time, you can also consider this operation.

Why is Turkey preferred for hair transplant?

Last 10 years the plantation sector in Turkey has exploited. Besides, people working in this area have also increased rapidly. In addition, the sector has expanded as many plastic surgeons have turned to this business. In fact, the low cost and low risk in this procedure increases the number of doctors. In the first place, foreign patients preferred this procedure in Turkey because it was very expensive in Europe. The reason is preferred by foreigners in Turkey is not only low cost but also in quality as a business is that it also makes good.

Choosing the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul

When choosing a clinic, you should consider. These;

  • The clinic with a lot of advertising on Google searches may not be the best clinic.
  • Ignore the negative comments, competitors may have made it.
  • Before and after examples should be requested
  • Make sure that it is done under a doctor’s examination and control.
  • Read reviews and search about Google local business account.

Cost Advantage

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is cheaper than from all European countries. Therefore, the patient can have all-inclusive hair transplantation with packages including flight tickets, accommodation at half price. Do not forget that Turkey is more selfless service in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it is the mistake of the center/place where the transaction is made, they make free revisions. Sometimes the given instructions are ignored. In this case, it is a patient mistake and the patient pay for the revision fee.

The duration of stay in Turkey for hair transplantation is usually 4 days. On the first day the primary examination and hair analysis is made, on the second day the hair transplantation is performed, and on the third day a control session is made by the doctor. And your hair can be washed on the 4th day. You can go back to your country on the same day. In the first time, the head sheds a little and starts to grow again after a month. For the hair to grow naturally, you have to wait 5-6 months.

A local anesthetic is applied in hair transplantation. So we can say that there is no risk of death. This procedure can be done easily in the company of any plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Brain damage/injury is the most commonlyasked questions. There is nothing to be worried about this. In other words, making tiny holes on the skin and local anesthesia will not harm your head/brain.