Body hair to head transplant turkey

It’s been expected that there are 12,500 hairs or about 6000 follicular together with 2 to a few inches. Individuals with severe baldness or critically depleted donor regions from preceding hair restoration techniques aren’t suitable candidates for classic hair transplantation methods with hair from the SDA. In these instances, frame hair transplantation (BHT), which refers to the use of beard and body hair donor assets within baldness treatment, stays a possible alternative in hirsute sufferers.

In assessment, body hair healing (BHR) describes the use of head or frame hair in areas of loss in non-scalp regions frame hair from the beard, trunk. The extremities may be transplanted via follicular unit extraction (FUE) methods and blended with head hair. If available, to cowl both scalp and non-scalp regions to enhance severe baldness,1 create extra herbal and softer hairlines, restore donor strip scars from previous hair healing surgeries, and repair facial and frame hair.

Is the existing hair sufficient for a hair transplant?

Since a hair transplant is only a redistribution of hair, the amount of possible donor hair is crucial. As a rule of thumb: If the area with possible donor hair is less than 20 percent of the receiving area, no comprehensive and natural-looking hair transplant can be carried out.

Although BHT software to deal with baldness is promising, reports within the literature had been constrained to case reviews. Extensive collection of sufferers who have gone through BHT the dress using FUE, outline suitable applicants selected for the procedure, illustrate the use of different donor and recipient areas, and provide statistics on patient satisfaction with the system and consequences.

Body hair as a supplement for a hair transplant - Zty Hair Transplantation Turkey

Androgenic alopecia is classed into seven degrees with the aid of the Norwood class device.  Norwood five and above is what may be referred to as enormous hair loss. To this degree, a man or woman has misplaced greater than 20,000 follicular gadgets from the scalp’s frontal vicinity and crown location (assuming the overall scalp to comprise 45,000 follicular devices).

Surgical remedy inside the form of follicular unit hair transplant (FUHT) is a simple shape remedy for Androgenic Alopecia. body hair to head transplant turkey

FUHT includes transplanting hair follicular devices from the scalp’s returned and aspects to the bald/ balding place.

However, this region does not have sufficient follicular devices to offer cosmetically great hair coverage to sufferers having tremendous hair loss. Thus, extra hair follicles want to be made available. one of the possible solutions is to use body hair follicles in people who have robust frame hair. We transplanted seven-hundred chest hair follicular gadgets to form a forelock for a Norwood 6 patient. beard hair transplant to head

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An examination on the sufferer who is nondiabetic reached the health center to get the required results. He is a Norwood 6 with strong frame hair on the chest, abdomen, legs, thigh, and hands. The affected person desired to finish his hair recovery with the use of frame hair as the donor. In the first level, to evaluate the boom and beauty appearance of the transplanted frame hair, seven hundred follicular devices have been transplanted from the chest to the forelock vicinity of the scalp. body hair to head transplant turkey


All ordinary investigations, which include coagulation profile, were inside regular limits.

Surgical procedure

Beneath right aseptic precaution and after neighborhood anesthesia management, follicular gadgets (one to 2 hair each) had been extracted from the patients’ chest place. Experts have removed the follicular devices, in my view, by teasing/ dissecting them from the encircling pores and skin with a 20-gauge needle.

Doctors stored these follicular chest devices in chilled ringer’s lactate (4°C). Recipient sites have been made inside the premarked anesthetized recipient area at the scalp, accompanied by placement of the chest hair grafts in those sites.

At the top of the technique, the antiseptic dressing was applied over the recipient and the donor regions. body hair to head transplant turkey

The expert then removes the bandage from the recipient location after 18 hours and from the donor place at seven days. The affected person turned into put on antibiotics for five days postoperatively.