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A hair transplant is a process wherein hair is shifted to a shaved region of the head by a plastic or dermatological surgeon. The surgeon typically pushes hair from the head’s front or top to the head’s rear or side.

Hair transplants generally appear mostly under local anesthesia in a surgical center. For the bulk of baldness, hair loss is accountable. It narrows back to biology here. The following instances are attributed to several considerations, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Stress Pressures
  • Sickness
  • Hormonal imbalance in hormones
  • Medicines

Anti-aging through hair transplantation - Zty Hair Transplant Turkey - Istanbul

Are there numerous kinds of hair transplant?

There seem to be two types of techniques for transplants: slit grafts and micrografts. Per graft, slit grafts produce 4 to 10 hairs. Based on the quantity of coverage required, micrografts contain from 1 to 2 hairs per graft. You could imagine the blotchy, visible hair implants of years past when you assume of’ hair transplants.’ But hair plugs, especially in the last decade, have made great strides.

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Hair transplantation, also referred to as hair regeneration, is a surgical operation that uses technology for micrografting to transfer your hair follicles to other hair loss regions of your scalp. A hair transplant’s effects are noticeably long-lasting and are deemed to be safe. The treatment is often time-consuming and requires a period of recovery and rehabilitation. For these factors, the usual patients for a hair transplant have already experienced significant thinning of their scalp hairs.

FUT vs. FUE, which is best for anti-aging via hair transplantation

Two kinds of hair transplant techniques are available: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) for anti-aging. The best choice for you will rely on your specific preferences and your physician’s advice.

The FUT hair transplant approach requires getting a slice of skin from the donor area with hair follicles, usually, the rear of your head, where the hair is generally thicker and fuller.

Tiny fragments of hair follicle-containing tissues from this skin are isolated and primed for transplantation. As this occurs, in the receiver position where you are undergoing baldness or hair thinning, small, single holes are made. The processed grafts are then mounted separately on the site of the recipient.

This technique has been there for over twenty years. Before it was even introduced and a few years afterward, it was a groundbreaking technique for preserving a naturally beautiful hairline. However, though it gave previously unattainable results, Dr. Sobel states that this approach is not without its disadvantages.

Based on the number of grafts placed, this form of operation will take several hours, and there is no way of preventing the resultant lateral scar across the back of the head. This graft will be noticeable when healing, and during rehabilitation, patients will need to take good care of both the linear incision on the back of the skull and the receiver areas.

The anti-aging technique is irreversible or not?

It takes a little time for your hair to recover since your hair follicles are grafted into places where your hair is weakening. It’s natural for a few of your strands to shed for the first three months after the operation.

Between about 6 and 12 months, healing will occur. But the grafted follicles begin to develop hair, which might fill out the bald spots on the scalp once the curing phase is finished. It’s hair that, when you get older, will begin to grow naturally.

The scalp follicles’ motion is constant; there is just no way of restoring them to their former place.  Just like most of your hair follicles, there is a lifetime for the transplanted ones. They will slowly cease developing as much hair at some stage as they used to.

May it be that you would like another one?

Likely, the first treatment for hair transplantation would not be the last one.

Thus hair transplant is one of the most demanded techniques that are used for anti-aging. It depends on how you choose your scalp’s required treatment or go directly on your surgeon’s recommendation. It is recommended to go for what suits you the most, not thinking of the budget. As there are many clinics out there that are offering the hair transplantation technique is relatively low prices, but their work is disgusting. Do proper research, and then go for what you think is right.


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