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There is no such thing as diabetes patients cannot transplant hair. Patients whose health is also safe can have hair transplant.

If you are in the first stage of diabetes, hair transplant can be done in a controlled manner. In people who have had diabetes for years, people with a well-managed diet – exercise and  medication balance can have hair transplant.

Can diabetics have hair transplant - Zty Hair Transplant Turkey

How do I know if I am suitable for hair transplant?

The answer to this question is clear. You should  continue your regular treatment. In addition, the doctor who follows the diabetes needs to give you approval for this procedure. Another important issue is blood pressure. There should be no imbalance in blood pressure. In addition, blood sugar should not rise before and after the procedure. That’s why you should get support from your doctor about this.

Can hair transplant be applied to patients with type 1 diabetes?

Hair transplant is not recommended for patients with type 1. Briefly, it is not done. It can be risky to do. Unstable sugar ups and downs may occur during hair transplant.

Can hair transplant be applied to patients with type 2 diabetes?

Many reasons such as slow blood circulation due to diabetes can cause hair loss. However, if the risks are eliminated in type 2 patients and sugar is controlled, hair transplant can be performed. FUE hair transplant in Turkey is the most preferred method.

Risks of hair transplant for diabetics

  • Low blood density during the procedure may cause excessive bleeding.
  • Wound inflammation is likely and takes longer to heal
  • There is a risk of infection. Therefore, antibiotics may be required.
  • Sugar may increase or decrease during transplntation.
  • There may be more pain than usual.
  • Excessive bruising or swelling may be seen.

Hair transplant prices for diabetic patients

Turkey also plantation rates are fixed. If there is not much baldness, it is around 1800 euro. This price is the same for diabetics. However, diabetics may undergo some tests or treatments to control their health. Therefore, these are charged to the patient as an extra cost.

Things to do before hair transplantation (For diabetes patients)

Hair transplantation is done with FUE hair transplantation. Unlike healthy patients, there are some things that diabetics are asked to do. These;

  • HbA1c blood test should be done before hair transplantation
  • Dihydrotestosterone and testosterone hormone surface should be tested
  • The sugar level should be kept stable one week before the procedure.
  • If any blood thinning medication is not necessary, it should not be taken.

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