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It is a hair transplant application made with a medical pen called Choi. It is not absolutely a technique but a method of application.With the aid of this pen, hair follicles are collected.

Then, the channels opened while performing the FUE hair transplant method are not opened in the DHI method. The process is completed by directly transplanting the hair follicles.

Advantages of DHI Method

  • There is no need to open channels. The hair follicles taken are transplanted without waiting.
  • Helps less damage to healthy tissues in the donor area
  • Allows hair transplant without shaving.
  • Makes possible you to return to social or business life faster
  • Increases the possibility of hair follicles to remain intact
  • Because the incision will be less, there may be less bleeding.

Disadvantages of the DHI Method

  • It is more expensive than the Fue or Fut hair transplant method.
  • The process takes a long time
  • The person who will perform the procedure must have a high level of experience.
  • Inexperienced hands can damage healthy hair follicles.
  • The team must consist of more than one person

Does Turkey have  DHI / Choi hair transplant surgery? 

There are hair transplant staff who are trained in this field.  Even though DHI hair transplant is a long and exhaustive process, it is performed in Istanbul.

DHI Hair Transplant (Direct Hair Implantation) - Zty Health Istanbul - Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant Prices

The prices of DHI, the direct hair implantation method, are slightly more expensive than the fue method. The reason for this is that labor and medical equipment used are expensive. A hair transplant between 1500 and 2500 can be done. However, FUE is more expensive than hair transplant. After the head structure is checked, the fee is determined according to the amount of hair follicles to be transplanted.

You can have more information via Whatsapp to get a net price. +905467415454

DHI? or FUE?

The technique is determined according to the needs of the patient. The head structure is given up to the technique to be applied after the hair transplantation examination according to the number of hair follicles needed.

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For Which Patients Is DHI Hair Transplant Suitable?

It is especially applied to female patients who do not want to have their hair cut. Some of our male patients have long hair or do not want to be cut even if it is short. We use DHI for them too. It is also used for patients who do not need more than 2500 hair follicles. We prefer the DHI method in tightening transplants and hairline formation and in cases where sensitive work is required.

How long does DHI hair transplant take?

On average, 3000 hair follicles take 6-8 hours in the fue method. This is between 12 and 15 hours in the Dhi method. Therefore, it is done in two sessions. The process is completed in 2 days from 6 hours a day.


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