Hair Transplant in Istanbul Cost

The amounts that characterize the hair restoration sector in Turkey are $1 billion, 350 hair restoration clinics in Istanbul, 500 people who come to Turkey frequently for hair implants. It is not unusual that hip replacement has been so common, with even more individuals affected by baldness, as this major surgery is a feasible and irreversible alternative.

When does health insurance pay for my hair transplant?

The costs of a hair transplant are generally not covered by health insurance companies. The hair loss has no health consequences, so it is a purely aesthetically motivated operation, for which the patient has to pay for himself. In the case of hair loss due to severe injuries to the scalp (e.g. burn injuries) or massive skin diseases, the health insurance company can cover the costs. Even if serious psychological problems have been diagnosed as a result of hair loss, health insurance may pay for the procedure.

The patient must prove that the hair loss is the main reason for his suffering. First, the doctor treating you determines that the intervention is necessary to improve the mental illness and then prepares an expert opinion. The insurance company examines the facts and orders the patient for a further examination by the medical service of the health insurance company. Only then will a decision be made on whether to reject or approve the application. Experience has shown that the chances of the costs being covered for a purely psychologically justified application are rather poor. Health insurance usually pays for psychotherapy or wigs.

Hair transplant in Istanbul - Zty Hair Transplant Turkey

Why Turkey?

A few of the major reasons why many international tourists prefer Istanbul for hair implants are the advanced hair transplant centers, the highly specialized Turkish surgeons with vast experience in hair transplant techniques, and the inexpensive prices. For eg, hair restoration costs in Turkey are much lower than those in the United States.: In Turkey, a hair restoration operation costs about $2,000, although the same operation ranges between $15,000 and $25,000 in the United States.

Bid Farewell to Baldness with Istanbul Hair Transplant

Hair shedding can be a significant concern for everyone, particularly when it comes to an unpredictable stage of your life and at an alarming pace. You’ve likely spent so much money with no or little outcome to tell for it on various hair care items and procedures. In such situations, it is better to opt for a hair restoration operation to recover your natural and luxuriant hair. But, more likely, you’ve learned that hair extensions are super pricey, that’s accurate, but never when you’re in Turkey for a hair transplant.

Turkey is a great alternative for any treatment, especially hair restoration, as one of the largest centers of international care. Hair restoration expenses are very reasonable in Turkey, which means it is easier to have hair restored. And if you’re shopping for the perfect hair transplant care at the most affordable price in Istanbul, so you’re in the right place.

Whenever it refers to one of the most effective hair transplant treatments in Istanbul, there has an unmatched track record of many clinics. That’s why both visitors and locals who want healthy and stable hair implants in Turkey are a top place for doctors.

They are esteemed experts who are using only the finest and newest form of hair transplant surgery for our follicular hair transplantation (FUE) and direct hair implant (DHI) technique. FUE and DHI methods cost a lot in most places around the world because of their good track record and difficulty, but the hair restoration prices in Turkey are more economical than in U.S clinics.

Cheaper premiums and better quality

Hair transplantation prices in Istanbul start at about EUR 1,650, based on the surgeon you select and the number of grafts you desire. In contrast, the average care rates in the UK are all-around EUR 10,000. It clearly illustrates the profit that can be created for care by traveling abroad. Some patients also wonder, “Why are hair extensions in Istanbul so cheap?” The key factor behind the reduced cost of hair transplants in Istanbul is the cost reduction of life and labor, which makes care costs more reasonable than those in other Eu states. But, who said that a lower cost means low quality? More than 35 JCI-accredited hair transplant clinics are located in Turkey, all of which have elevated facilities and highly skilled hair restoration, providers. In terms of its healthcare system, Turkey has pursued elevated development, ensuring that its health services meet or even exceed global standards. You will be able to pick from the most modern equipment and facilities, such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and specific hair transplantation if you choose Turkey as your hair restoration place (DHI).

More advanced techniques

In Turkey, doctors tend to be using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure, however in the course of the operation has reduced discomfort throughout healing, no noticeable wounds, and quicker healing times, and therefore no scalpels, staples, or sutures are used. While the procedure of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves skin extraction in the technique, follicular units are separately removed from the patient’s skin donor area and implanted one after the other to the thinning area.

High quality in every aspect

Clinics continuously develop their procedures, facilities, and equipment to give their customers the best care due to the obvious fierce rivalry in the sector in Turkey.

Bundles all available

Thanks to the rivalry between them, there wasn’t much to say about the services supplied by the clinics. They provide free airport-hotel transportation, free airfares, free lodging for their patients.