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It’s an important debate, and one currently that sparked discussion in the FGB network about the gender wage gap, where FGB’er Cher has addressed the dilemma.

“Given all the data that’s out there on the impact of not wearing makeup to work (i.e. you’re seen as less professional and ultimately earn less money), many would make the argument that ‘personal grooming’ has an unfortunately direct tie to women’s career potential,” she writes. “So, if these purchases — makeup, haircuts and coloring, manicures, office attire — are ones we *have* to make for work, my feeling is that the gender pay gap may be even worse than we think. The money for this is coming straight out of our paychecks, after all, and men don’t have to pay for these same things.”

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Being beautiful represents a different thing to all of us. It has a beach-ready body for one individual, while it has beautiful hair for the next. Others should think that everything about getting great hair is beautiful. One aspect we all have in particular is that photos of how we are “intended” to look are filled with us. We can’t switch via a book, drive-thru an advertisement, or switching on our tv screens without even being overwhelmed with the supremely perfect specimen’s overexposed ideals.

Fun fact: No complete human model exists. This is an unreal image, intended to make us feel guilty. The irony in making someone feel bad every time we appear is that it encourages us to expend money to improve ourselves in a way to fit in, to do what we have to do.

The Appearances worth

A lot of internal financial geniuses draw a tough stance on looks against wasting cash. I can think of a few who just purchase clothing from stores who have pre-loved stuff, drive more than ten-year-old cars and then go to incredible lengths to not spend money to make them look fine.

I can’t help thinking that, in its way, such a strategy is an attempt to show a very particular appearance. Anyway, how far will anyone with a look that costs a lot to keep talking about thriftiness get?

As a culture, no care how much we hear “do not judge a book by the cover,” we respect looks. Having cut our clothing expenses and other image-related expenditures could have far consequences just beyond saving us cash. the correct look will make a significant difference about whether you get a job or not, the price you can pay for a vehicle, and even influence where you live.

Looking to invest in Looks

I’m not one of the individuals who normally spend a great deal of effort worrying about looks. I have around four pairs of boots and it can usually be assumed that they would turn up almost everywhere in a t-shirt. But finally, for client meetings, I let my super attire sister select out my clothes. In some of the more professional (and stylish) clothes she selected out than the denim and t-shirt I would usually turn up in, there had been a major difference in how those customers responded to me. Only that small change made such a difference in the ease with which I could land customers and the rates I could pay.

The average female spends around $313 a month on her look, according to the report. It sums up throughout a lifetime to $3756 per year or $225,360. Yes, for school fees, it’s fairly normal. Though in all honesty, that’s just four years for us.)

Men do (slightly) invest less. They spend around $175,680 on average over the long term —. That is equal to 244 dollars per month. Surprisingly though, much of the cash is likely to be spent on healthy skin cells. Fitness centers are in the 2nd spot for adults, followed by hand cream, shaving products, and nutritional supplements.

Conversely, females are more prone to invest so much cash in beauty treatments. Secondly, haircuts are followed by lipstick and spa treatments. The whole study reveals that, as compared to basic goods, women tend to spend cash on beauty routines and experiences.

And oddly enough, both sexes agree on their top issues concerning beauty. The weight came in, with hair and skin quality afterward, as the most troubling part of their appearance.


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