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The success rate of hair transplantation depends on many factors such as the skill and experience of the specialist and the thickness of the donor hair of the person. In general, the success rate is at a very high point like 95-98 percent.

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The success rate of a hair transpalant

The success rate varies from patient to patient. The hair opening on the head and the amount of hair on the neck are important. The more hair we take from back of the head/neck, we can transfer it to the bald area. This directly affects the patient’s happiness. It is important to us that you like the results. But if the hair follicle to be taken is limited, hair transplantation may be required at a frequency according to this.

Service quality

Satisfaction of patients coming from abroad to Turkey is not just for hair transplantation process. The service we provide in the period from meeting the airport to the planning of the hotel is also important reason.

How to know hair transplant is successful

How to know?

When your hair transplant procedure is done, it will take some time before you can see the results in 4-5 months. As the transplanted sections of hair begin to heal, you may notice that you still lose even more of your hair after the first months. When this process is over, the hair starts to grow again. We use the FUE hair transplant method. Hair transplantation in Turkey is usually made with this method. You can understand the quality of hair transplantation If the hair grow in and eventually be the same texture and length as the rest of your hair.  In addition, how natural the front hairline is adjusted can also give you an idea about whether the surgery is successful or not.

What if I am not satisfied?

Some patients who have had FUT hair transplantation apply to hair transplantation centers again for hair transplantation. However, the success rate in hair transplantation with the FUE hair transplant method in recent years is high. If hair transplant is not successful, hair transplantation can be performed again. Revision of hair transplantation can be performed due to the problems experienced during transplantation. Apart from this, hair transplantation is generally a procedure with a high success rate and a satisfactory procedure for patients.

Pain and swelling

Some patients may feel pain as their skin heals after the procedure. Therefore, certain pain killers can be given after the procedure. You’ll likely feel pain or soreness at the transplant site as well as in the area where hair was taken from. How to Know Hair Transplant is Successful


There is a risk of scarring both in the area where the hair follicle is taken from and the hair transplantation area. Not all patients may have scars. This can be detected during the examination before hair transplantation.


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