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John Travolta is one of the major stars in Hollywood for years.

Travolta has continued to build a healthy range, playing with popular subjects, after he fizzed a path in such famous movies as Saturday Night Madness and Sweat.

In comedy shows, plays, fiction, romantic comedies, or even elevated action films such as Face/Off; he has starred.

Other actors who hit the stage with their looks early, John had grown old just because of his receding hairs.

From the lithe young dancer to the adult man he is now, mass viewers have seen him evolve.

Significantly whenever a media exposes your wrinkles and excess weight to close examination at any moment, it can be a difficult way to handle it.

Hair loss is another subject reported on by papers and news blogs, which might be the most exciting aspect.

We cannot hide the audience’s truth because here, everyone knew that Travolta had been shedding hair for so long.

You can Google it and get into a shock after seeing his images straight from past to the current snapshot. These pictures clearly show the drastic change in his personality and a sudden drop in John Travolta’s age.

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Without even a dispute, this is the most well-recognized part of John Travolta, and an essential element of his look is his dense, exquisite hair.

As he is mature, Travolta has carried a variety of hairdos on the screen. Still, now, kudos to the most incredible successful solution: a hair transplant; he sports a healthy head of natural locks.

Getting Results

Like most other men, the Hollywood star spent in proper hair enhancement treatment to rebuild his hairline.

This is an efficient method capable of entirely changing the person, and Travolta’s look is a beautiful demonstration of the strength of the treatment.

It is claimed that John Travolta’s hair transplant surgery took place in 2016, and the findings decreased his age for years.

John Travolta, while hitting his 65th birthday, looks much younger now than he has in years.

His hairline, just as it appeared in his 20s, looks normal and balanced.

Travolta is highly likely to have his hair transplant done through Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) instead of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

The option is FUE, providing higher outcomes and less noticeable bruising.

This choice is essential for a media personality: media outlets will investigate in detail any wounds or other signs of the surgery.

Although it is clear that Travolta has received treatment for hair transplantation and seems happy to have managed so, there is no denying that he still maintains a level of privacy.

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What’s the Difference Between FUE and FUT?

Extraction of Follicular Units and Transplantation of Follicular Units appears alike, but they are ultimately very diverse. Let’s focus on each one for a quick peek.


Follicular Unit Extraction starts with the extraction of good follicles, usually the back and sides, from contributor hair and scalp.

These are collected with a state-of-the-art professional instrument, managed with qualified carefulness.

Our professional surgeons use the FUE 2 Secure Scribe at HairPalace, a groundbreaking system that produces excellent results.

The follicles are put under the microscope once extracted and ready for the shift to the receiver region.

The doctor who performs the procedure starts puncturing the scalp and implanting the grafts.

The follicles are implanted to imitate the normal regrowth of the patient in a rather way.

This generates the sort of genuine outcomes that leave a person enthusiastic and embracing a more youthful look.


Follicular Unit Transplantation is another method for hair transplantation.

It is quite a rough technique because not a follicles are extracted, but the whole strip is removed, or we can say we cut from the donor area and then replanted on the receiver section of the head.

It is not like sticking the strip-like scotch tape, but the sliced striped is then sectioned into smaller pieces, and then each piece is inserted into the area you want to grow your hair.

Before the grafts’ positioning on the subjected place, tiny screenshots are taken to set the right piece on the subjected area.

Both techniques are practical and give you natural results. It all depends on you whether you choose this or either one.  John Travolta’s hair transplant story inspires and encourages different men to try who are especially afraid of doing it.

John Travolta’s hairline clearly shows how successful his hair transplantation went, which may encourage many of you to decide and step ahead towards looking better in the future.


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