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A most popular name in sports has built his reputation in this field and the world of friend n family career and romance. He is a five-time formula one hero who is considered the legend that has put on his efforts to be on the top in a self battle with his receding hairline.

He is the famous British racer who has explained his story by starting from when he has used hotel soap as a shampoo on his hair, not taking much care of his hair in the early age on the road of success.

However, people have much more suspicions about “what has happened to Lewis Hamilton’s hair?” but the Race driver has not admitted that he had gone through certain FUI or anything else. He claims that his hair has grown naturally after he had trimmed them all. People are still talking about his sudden change, and most of the hair experts are also giving their views on this very subject.

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Our side’s misgiving suddenly started to appear accurate when Lewis began to have the deadlocks that had put him to shame. When people can’t bear the curiosity and want to search out the answer behind the trending question related to Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant. People have asked different hair experts about this thing upon which the Crown Clinic expert James Nadin describes his point of view to clear our minds that, up to which extent our cynicism is accurate.

He said, “I doubt very much he could have got it grown like that with PRP [hair growth injections]. The before and after photos certainly suggest he has had a [full on] transplant.”

And it is also not a full true story of hotel soap as James Nadin also clears that “It would certainly appear from the photos that he’s had a hair transplant. And a good one as well.”

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If you think I am not giving you the right information, you can check Google. I am sure you will return here with a nodding head that yes you are right. In Google, the picture of Lewis Hamilton hair transplant will clearly show the drastic change and you wonder how it is possible as Lewis says, it all grows natural. Moreover, he keeps changing his hairstyles, making people fool of his wild hair growth of hair. But people are so eager to search in his hair that they had found what the actual cause of it is.

I think it is no shame to share your story or the decision you have made in your life to get permanent hair. Most famous TV stars or other celebrities have clearly and proudly shared their stories on their accounts via videos or by a single post. This would eventually help those suffering from alopecia kind of diseases to get the proper FYI treatment without looking fake or taking the dead animal on their heads.

Not only this, we have research on different other hair expert’s opinion for you, let’s take a look!

Lewis Hamiltons’ hair has most certainly gone through a dramatic change for the better in recent years, and likely he’s been the recipient of a perfect hair transplant and using medication such as finasteride to help prevent further loss.”

“Many patients wish to have surgery and be discrete about it, but the fact remains his hair went from zero to hero in a concise period which is a telling sign of hair transplant surgery,” says Dr Alexander. Dr, Scott Alexander is the world-leading IAHRS.org surgeon.

Before having this treatment, Lewis always used a helmet and never-ending attempt to wear a cap.  It clearly shows that he is ashamed of what he has done with his hairs. Most probably he has shaved his full head and like the other celebs tried this FUI hair transplant.   It might be possible that he has pushed either method, but the probability for FUI is high in his case.

We want that Lewis Hamilton hair transplant story should be stated in his own words. His experiences, precautions, selection or research for the best hair transplant clinic, almost everything should be spoken out from his tongue. So come out, Mr Hamiton and let us know everything because we all want to learn from the man himself. We don’t want to make him embarrassed or ashamed because it is not something to sigh upon. We will b pleased that this technique helps people and more people with heavy hair fall or baldness can try this—nothing else.


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