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So now you’re curious about the concept of Hair Micro-pigmentation or scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). You’ve discovered the answer to your hair shedding problem and are now willing to go ahead with a simple procedure. But, you might have been stopped by one thing: price.

An extremely inexpensive hair loss choice is scalp micro-pigmentation. Hair micro pigmentation is very fair relative to lifetime monthly charges for drugs such as Propecia and Rogaine or extreme operations such as hair transplants. However, we recognize that everybody’s economic status is distinct, which is why there are choices.

Micro hair pigmentation prices - Zty Hair Transplant Turkey

We’ll go into the price of micro scalp pigmentation in this article and your choices for paying for it. These funding methods include CareCredit financing options and, among other solutions, discount offers.

Based on the medication coverage area, the price of micro-pigmentation of the hair depends. In other ways, as compared to somebody who is entirely bald, the medication would be easier for someone with little or no hair loss.

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Your progress of hair shedding will be assessed throughout your evaluation with a scalp micro pigmentation expert. Your SMP doctor will provide a reliable estimation of care expense, depending on your hairline and the extent of hair loss. To have the expected outcomes, you’re hoping for, you’ll be able to collaborate with your micro-pigmentation professional. The procedure, as with all treatments, will be set according to your scalp’s situation.

Put, most SMP specialists charge from $1100-$4100. If we make shedding appear thicker or build the appearance of a receding hairline, the quoted price will typically change.

Even so, most specialists look at four key factors in determining the final quotation:

  1. The volume of the region needs to complete.
  2. The volume of left hair and the thickness of it.
  3. The quantity of blending needed for the current hair of the customer.
  4. If there are any surgical wounds or any particular circumstances to mask them?

SMP costs depend on different factors, such as the treated area, skin, scar tissue, hair thickness, and texture, and can vary from $400 to $1000 for each treatment.

Relevant Aspects SMP

Each treatment’s price depends on many variables, such as the size of the operation, your skin condition, whether you have abrasions, and the density of your current hair.

Area of Treatment

For instance, the total size of the subjected region determined by the scalp’s size and the degree of baldness would be among the largest factors that influence the value of micro-pigmentation.

Most of the customers experience baldness of the male pattern, which is based on the size of The Norwood. When you’re in the early stages of male pattern baldness, opposed to treating the more expansive medical areas associated with the later stages, rehabilitation would be less expensive. MPB can not be stopped and follows these steps :

Stage I:  no hair shedding at all

Stage II:  usually, at the temples, men observe the ‘m-shaped’ pattern baldness.

Stage III: if the same m-shaped hairline recedes more and more. It is due to the thinning of hairs on the forehead and then eventually shedding down. It can be called the very first stage when a person suffers male pattern baldness.

Stage IV: the dramatic loss of hairs at the scalp’s sides, thus leaving a triangle-shaped patch of hairs on the front head. The more prominent part of baldness is usually at the back of the scalp. It is the complete bridge of hair separating the two different regions of hair loss.

Stage V: there will be two regions of distinctive hair loss: back and front, but the strip or can say band that helps separate them begins to fade or thin.

Stage VI: uniting of the significant regions of hair loss is done in this step. The hair present on the sides of the head starts receding eventually

Stage VII: at this stage, the hairs at the sides and the back are left, thus showing the horseshoe’s pattern.

The cost would be defined in the same manner size of the treated area defined by the length of the head and the degree of the baldness for those struggling from other conditions linked to hair loss due to general shrinkage, patching, or total baldness.


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