Second Hair Transplant

The most common question asked by patients; Can I have a second hair transplant?

The answer to this question I can say is “yes“. Hair transplant can be done again for many reasons. These ;

  • To repair hair transplant in a bad condition
  • Because hair transplant is applied before hair loss stops
  • For tightening plantings
  • To cover burns or trauma scars

Repeated hair transplant is done with FUE hair transplant method. It can be repeated 2-4 times. Another criterion is the number of donors. If there is no root to be taken, a hair transplant cannot be performed.

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Second hair transplant - zty health Istanbul

How long should I wait before having the second hair transplant?

If your hair loss stopped after a while and you are satisfied with the current situation, there is no need for another session. But if you had your hair transplant early, you may need a new hair transplant between 3 and 10 years. This depends entirely on the intensity of hair loss. You should wait 12 months for a second hair transplant procedure at the earliest.

When should I have a second hair transplant?

Hair loss continues until the age of 30. Then the severity of the spill decreases. For that reason, you must be at least 25 years old for hair transplant. Since hair loss will continue in patients who have had hair transplant before this age group, a second hair transplant may be required. In addition, tightening transplantation  can be done as an extra option.

How many times hair transplant can be done at most ?

If your donor area is sufficient, you can repeat a hair transplant  2-4 times at least every year. Your age and health should also be included in these criteria. For hair transplant, your general health should be fine. With these conditions, hair transplant can be done more than once. How many times is hair transplantation done?

How old is hair transplant done in men?

Hair transplantation can be done from the age of 25. If there is an excessively rapid shedding, it may be useful to wait until the age of 30.

Can a hair transplant be done again  to a hair transplant area?

Yes it  can be applied. The planting area should not be destroyed. Sufficient hair follicles must be left in the patient.

Will I need hair transplant again after hair transplant?

 If  hair transplant is performed  according to the rules, it does not require repetition. Tightening can be done as an extra, depending on your request. You have to wait a year for this.