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Hair loss may accelerate due to the aging effect. At the same time, it can become a problem. It can make men feel bad. They may not feel handsome.  For all these reasons, hair loss can be a very serious problem for a man.

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How Common is Baldness in Men?

Baldness is severely common in men. It starts to be seen more often at the age of 60 and over. A little hair loss is actually normal for every man. However, if this loss continues and no longer hair grows in an area, it means that you have come to a hair transplant center.

The reasons for Hair Loss In Men - Zty Hair Transplant Turkey

Baldness in Men

It is the most common type in men. Briefly, they are genetic reasons related to hormone changes. In fact, no one knows exactly what the reason is. But if you have a family or family tree of baldness, it means there is a possibility for you to continue.

Chemotherapy and radiation-induced hair loss

If you are being treated for cancer, it is ordinary for you the hair loss. Exposure to excessive radiation can cause spills in different parts of the body, besides the scalp. This situation usually ends after the treatment.

Traction alopecia

This is completely physical, unconsciously behavior, or even pulling one’s own hair. This is such a situation that a person can leave himself without hair by plucking his own hair. In addition, psychiatric treatment may be required. Hair transplant operations can also be performed for such patients.

Stress, trauma, malnutrition, and other adverse health conditions can cause hair loss. A mental health illness known as trichotillomania can also cause hair loss.

Treatment of Hair Loss in Men

A hair transplant is highly recommended for a solution to hair loss. It both removes baldness and makes you aesthetically more handsome. After this process, which takes approximately 5-6 hours, you will have hair again. The FUE technique is used as a method. One by one hair follicles is collected from the nape area. An average of 4000 – 10000 hair strands can be transferred in one session.

Will There Be Pain During Hair Transplant?

Local anesthesia is applied to the scalp during hair transplantation. Thanks to this injection, the area to be transplanted and the root will be collected is numbed. In this way, you won’t feel anything. In short, there is no pain or aching sensation during hair transplantation. After the surgery, some painkillers and antibiotics are given to prevent the feeling of pain after the operation.


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