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About 50 percent of men over 50 years old today have hair fall issues. Thus the most successful cosmetic surgery favored by men is hair implantation. Hair loss for males isn’t only an issue. Many people can also experience hair fall. As a consequence of inherited traits, aging, severe accidents, or different health problems, baldness can be seen.

When the hair follicle is sufficient in the body, hair transplantation can be adapted to all individuals despite the motive.  It can be implemented not just to the scalp but to shortfalls such as eyebrows, mustaches, or facial hair in all regions.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey - Zty Hair Transplant Istanbul

Turkey’s Hair Transplant

Hair surgical procedure has been an approved procedure for 20 years in Turkey.

The baldness problem can weaken peers and create different mental health issues. The decline of personality that starts with shyness and social anxiety symptoms can lead to other problems with interaction and can negatively affect any person’s life.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of hair transplantation in Turkey;


New and innovative methods that cope in developing countries 
To the degree, hair transplantation procedures in Turkey that they perform and surpass those in the EU and other advanced economies are now at the peak of growth and development. Scientific and technological advances in Turkey have led doctors to develop such methods of their own. A Turkish physician is not only a consumer of technology but can be a creator as well.

Fair costs follow these new methods and special rates
You may not be charged at great expense in Turkey, you would only be paid by the rich, but perhaps for affordable rates, you can get suitable hair transplants. So, in Turkey, the price of hair transplantation is not a concern at all.

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Valued medical skills
Reasonable procedures and the right price itself isn’t enough to be effective and exceptional for the hair transplant process. Yet, there is a requirement for skilled and reliable physicians, so you can find a successful surgeon in Turkey to conduct the right hair transplant treatment.

The hair transplant surgery process in Turkey needs you to be patient and careful in picking: Any fraudsters should not trick you into being their target. Any clinic or individual who doesn’t even operate lawfully or does not have a license to practice medicine should not be trusted.  Regardless of how hard he pursued, with low rates and excellent facilities, to convince you.

Competition in the field
Competitors in the sector of hair transplant surgery in Turkey are strong. Everybody is attempting to impress you that it is the greatest, so don’t be deceived by spreading glamour, but put your faith in communicating with you confidently describe it to you straightforwardly and scientifically.

Cons of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

It does seem like a good plan at first sight when pointing at the above explanations that explain why patients fly to Turkey for a hair transplant. Even so, before planning an operation, there are some potential complications that anybody serious in going abroad for a hair transplant (or any other treatment option) ought to be sure of:

Shortage of skilled staff- Board-certified surgeons conduct not every hair transplant operation with the requisite qualifications and expertise to cope with any possible problems during the process.

Obsolete technology– These clinics are primarily based on cost savings or do not have connections to the latest technology for hair transplants.

Mediocre practices such as Turkey do not meet the same medical requirements as the United States, so clients need to recognize that medical clinics are not likely to comply with the same health laws as those performed in the U. S.

No Follow-Ups – Unless there is some sort of hair transplant issue after the patient returns home, visiting the doctor or technicians to examine and resolve the problem will not be simple. It suggests that patients would need to pay extra money on more treatments to modify the final findings.

Zero In-Person Discussion first appointment for a consultation is mostly performed using the client’s scalp images. An in-person hair transplant appointment does not always occur where the person can be assessed by the surgeon and inquire in a one-on-one context.


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