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Swelling or oedema can be seen on the forehead and eyelids 7 days after hair transplant. Sometimes there is oedema or swelling that cannot  open the eyes.

This is a natural outcome we expected. To minimize this, we ask for a hair band to be worn. Ice compression can also be done.

How do I decrease the swelling on my face after hair transplant?

At first, the medications given  must be taken at the prescribed time and amount. It may also be helpful to put ice on the swollen and oedema area. It will be favourable to rest at home for 4 days. You should sleep on your back with the neck pillow while lying down. Avoid lying on your side. Also drink plenty of water. Stay away from salt and spicy foods after hair transplant. Avoid activities such as sexual intercourse, alcohol and sports for a week. After hair transplant, blood thinners should be avoided or taken under the supervision of a doctor.

When Does Oedema Pass Over After Hair Transplant - Zty Health Istanbul

 How long will it take for swelling and oedema to take down?

Swelling is not seen in every patient. It varies from person to person, depending on the metabolism. Swelling and oedema are at their peak in the first 4 days. Then it starts to lose its effect gradually. After a week, it will be completely gone. Don’t worry about swelling. The natural result we expected is .Do not be afraid.

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Steroid therapy for swelling and oedema after hair transplant

Although it takes a long time, oedema and swelling can be easily treated by the doctor. It is treated with steroid treatment. It is also known as cortisol.

Face swelling after hair transplantation.

  • Oral Steroid Treatment. Dexamethasone or Prednisolone treatment
  • Steroid Application as Intramuscular Injection (intra-hip)
  • Steroid Application mixed with Anesthesia Solution

Nape swelling after hair transplantation

Liquid can be injected to easily remove donor hair follicles in the nape area. This is called the isotonic salt water. It is used in FUE hair transplant method. Because the hair follicles must be removed one by one. There is no need to be afraid or panic. It disappears spontaneously within 2-5 days on average.

Smoking after hair transplant

Smoking prolongs the recovery of oedema and swelling after hair transplant. Smoking seriously affects blood circulation. This prevents the hair follicles from being nourished sufficiently. It is important to make such sacrifices in order to shorten the recovery time after hair transplant. Swelling in the scalp.

 Drinking coffee after a hair transplant

It is not safe to drink coffee after a hair transplant. Coffee can raise blood pressure. It may cause bleeding. This can also prolong recovery. Small amounts of coffee consumption is allowed. However, using high doses of caffeine can have negative consequences. During your recovery, try to eat a healthy diet.

What if the oedema and swelling do not pass over?

If you make the plantation in Turkey and now you can be in your own country rather than Turkey. You need to go to the nearest healthcare organization immediately.


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